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Restaurant & Bar



Swing by Hanq's any time you're in the mood to linger and taste some of the best eats in town. 

We've got seasonal menus that promise to whet the appetite,  swanky events throughout year to usher those days off the calendar with panache, and down-home toe-tapping entertainment to help you shake the day off your feet. 

Made to

Hanq’s American cuisine

incorporates dishes from around the world. Our menu is seasonally based, and driven by what’s growing. Herbs are from the roof garden and yield mint, pineapple sage, oregano, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, peppers and cherry tomatoes. We have a full bar including signature drinks and quality draft beers, and all of our desserts are made fresh in our kitchen.



Dinner parties, Jazz nights, summer roof-top dining— there's always something happening at Hanq's.



The speakeasy was known as a place to get a drink and find entertainment during prohibition-era America. In many rural towns, speakeasies  were operated by local business owners who usually had musicians and their own secret brew  that made it unique. The term "speakeasy" came into being because of the practice of speaking quietly when inside as not to alert the police or neighbors. 

"Stupid good."

Hanq's is the combination of all things good. Better than good—outrageous food, an inviting atmosphere, great music, and genuine people.

George Benedict, PhD

To book a table by phone, please call: (860) 309-7200